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Treatments are our specialty. There are many different kinds and we will work with you to find what works best for you. Newlife considers the application of the Newlife Protocol to be the most effective way to treat most pain that occurs in the body.
The effectiveness of the Newlife Protocol as a treatment for pain, is a system relying on three core concepts: Physical, Pharma and Physics. These "Three P's" together cover all aspects of bodily pain used in varying "suites" of services, tailored to your needs and your pain.

Laser Healing

The work and results provided by laser healing are sometimes unbelievable and is causing the medical field to rapidly advance. The laser can be put to use with many other medical procedures which produces wonderful results for many disorders. Thousands of people have already benefited from laser healing.
Refer to the caption below to glimpse at a brief overview of how the Laser can be used as a treatment in several different ways, and for many different kinds of pain.

This is possible because the Laser is restorative. It repairs and builds back essential structure such as a herniated disc, for instance, at the cellular level through the investment of electron-building photons that then rush to affected cells to create a super-production facility within the cells mitochondria generating massive amounts of energy to heal.

Synergy for Healing

By using an optimal mix of mineral content and supplementation, the effects of the Laser are enhance, and perform at an accelerated rate, making use of the "pharma" or an electro-bio-additive to provide the right space for healing your body.



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